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Request for an attorney general opinion of the legality of certain actions of the Ector County Utility District Board of Directors (RQ-0524-KP)

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Attorney General Opinion

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Mission Statement
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At Ector County Utility District we are committed to providing safe, high-quality water to the community of West Odessa.

June 12, 2024

Notice of Regular Board Meeting of the Ector County Utility District

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TWDB Application 

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New Water System Map is now available.

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Abstract Water
Description of the Area

The Water System area is approximately 42,460 acres (about 66.4 square miles). The area includes roughly 9,800 acres (nearly 15.3 square miles) within ECUD’s current service area and almost 32,660 acres (approx. 51.1 square miles) of ECUD’s projected service area or CCN. ECUD’s projected service area contains all West Odessa and is defined approximately by the following four significant roadways: Loop 338, Interstate 20, FM 886, and State Highway 302.

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