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Please be advised that our office will be closing at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, February 23, 2024, to attend the funeral service of our esteemed board member, Sheila K. Black.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

Regular office hours will resume on Monday, February 26, 2024.

Ector County Utility District

Press Release

February 15, 2024



 It is with heavy hearts that Ector County Utility District announces the passing of ECUD Board Vice President Sheila K. Black.  Her contributions to our community were invaluable, and she will be deeply missed.  Losing ECUD Board Vice President Sheila Black brings great grief to the entire District board.  Those who worked closely with Sheila understood she was devoted to making a difference in West Odessa.  One of the many projects that Shelia saw the completion of was the 45-million-dollar Tripp Pump Station project that has ensured better water distribution for West Odessa citizens.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and the entire District during this time of sorrow. 



The District will begin to accept applications to fill the open position on the board due to the passing of Sheila Black, Board Vice President.  The person appointed by the District’s Board will serve the remainder of Sheila’s term, which ends in November 2026.  Should that person seek to serve as a Director for another term, he or she would be required to run for office in 2026. Applications are available at the District’s office from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Currently, the Board has not set a date to stop accepting applications.  The Directors will make that appointment at one of the next two regularly scheduled Board meetings, either in March or April.


Click to review the complete copy of the districts' attorney brief sent to the Attorney General

Request for an attorney general opinion of the legality of certain actions of the Ector County Utility District Board of Directors (RQ-0524-KP)

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Attorney General Opinion

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Mission Statement
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At Ector County Utility District we are committed to providing safe, high-quality water to the community of West Odessa.

TWDB Application 

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New Water System Map is now available.

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Abstract Water
Description of the Area

The Water System area is approximately 42,460 acres (about 66.4 square miles). The area includes roughly 9,800 acres (nearly 15.3 square miles) within ECUD’s current service area and almost 32,660 acres (approx. 51.1 square miles) of ECUD’s projected service area or CCN. ECUD’s projected service area contains all West Odessa and is defined approximately by the following four significant roadways: Loop 338, Interstate 20, FM 886, and State Highway 302.

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